Autonomous Vehicles Community of Learners and Virtual Competitions

Race starts in...

A community for autonomous vehicles virtual racing!


Specialized courses, work in teams, code algorithms, develop academic projects and test using Skoods virtual simulations


Use the Skoods virtual platform, code models and encourage collaboration and competition within the classroom


Work with autonomous vehicles, apply what you have learned, compare your results, compete and gain visibility of your work

Benefits of joining the community

Learn, practice, and live the future with others like you... We believe that together we are strong and go further!

World-class simulation platform and
technology for autonomous vehicles

Learn and apply your knowledge competing on AV challenges, running your code in different realistic simulation scenarios. No need for high-end computers. 

Build a portfolio and be recognized
for your 

Receive certificates for all courses and appear in the leaderboard of the competitions. Share your achievements on-line with your network.

Gamification of the
community experience

Addictive, engaging, interactive. Earn badges, licenses and compete on AV virtual races during the whole season.

Use the simulation platform
outside Skoods

Our simulations are open to develop your own solutions, researches, papers and projects. Use it at your work, university or just to show off to friends and family.

Do network with 
the community

Engage with other members of the community and meet professionals of the industry and academy.


Participate in webinars, office-hours sessions, live lessons, competitions and 1:1 support from the Coaches.


Do you want a little bit?

Real images of the Skoods simulations that are used in the academy and the competitions

Check out what we prepared for you and get the flavor of our competition

Real images of the skoods Simulations that ar used in the Academy and the competitions

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